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Our Beliefs

At Nibbana Janitorial Services our primary focus is total customer satisfaction, where the focus is to provide industry leading service in quality and value. Regardless of size of customer or scope of work, whether a standalone project or an integrated service, our dedication to total customer satisfaction, along with our commitment to our Core Values, remains at the heart of our service. We strive for understanding, flexibility and adaptability to deliver results and improved performance on a daily basis, because every client counts.

Nibbana Holdings Inc. has a wide range of services and products available. One of the top office cleaning companies in the Lower Mainland area. We are committed to providing every customer with the personal care they deserve and require.

Our Philosophy

Respectful, open, and honest fair dealing in all business functions.
Responsible, candid participation of all employees in the constructive improvement of our business process.
Continuous communication throughout the Company to promote the teamwork needed to reach our goals.
Active Company participation in the communities we serve to improve the existing and future quality of life.